3DTV-CON 0217 is over! See you at 3DTV-CON 2018!

** Intro and Closing presentations **

The 3DTV Conference 2017 will be held on June 7-9,  2017, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

3DTV-CON 2017 is the 11th in a series of successful conferences having the objective to bring together researchers and developers from academia and industry with diverse experience and activity in distinct, yet complementary, areas to discuss the development of next generation 3D immersive and interactive technologies, applications and services.

The conference involves a wide range of disciplines: imaging and computer graphics, signal processing, telecommunications, electronics, optics and physics. Professionals from these areas are cordially invited to participate at 3DTV-CON 2017. The conference will consist of tutorials, plenary talks, and special and regular sessions.

3DTV-CON held for the first time in Kos Island, Greece, and then held in Istanbul, Turkey; Potsdam, Germany; Tampere, Finland; Antalya, Turkey; Zurich, Switzerland; Aberdeen, UK, Budapest, Hungary, Lisbon, Portugal (http://3dtv-con2015.3d-contournet.eu) and Hamburg, Germany (http://3dtv-con2016.3d-contournet.eu).

The 3DTV-CON series of conferences originated from the FP6 3DTV Network of Excellence and has gotten continuing support from projects, institutions and companies working in the area of 3D Media.

Contact: 3dtv-con17@aau.dk